Property in Bulgaria by Biodar Real Estate

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Biodar Real Estate offers a unique service “BUY FROM A DISTANCE!”, that gives an opportunity to those clients who wish to acquire property in Bulgaria without having to travel the distance. This service is unique for Bulgaria and Biodar Real Estate is the first company to offer it. The service is especially useful for those buyers who wish to buy “off-plan” apartments and are already familiar with the area where the construction works take place (or will take place). Our clients can benefit from lower agent commissions, avoiding travel costs and time saving. The new service is a consequence of our experience with a number of clients, who have already bought property from distance.

All a client is required to do is:

Step 1. Reserve the property:

You can reserve a property through us for two weeks by transferring 500 euro to our bank account. We will immediately pay the sum to the seller and he will take the property off the market. This amount will be deducted from the purchase price of the property when a Preliminary Purchase Agreement is signed with the builder.

Step 2. Sign a Preliminary purchase agreement and pay a deposit:

After the property is reserved we arrange that the seller signs a preliminary purchase agreement that is prepared in advance after communication with both the buyer and the seller. The signed Preliminary Agreement is then posted by courier service to the buyer. Upon receiving the signed agreement the buyer transfers the agreed deposit payment (usually at least 10% of the purchase price, depending on the stage of completion of the property).

Step 3. Transfer the balance amount (on separate installments if the property is in construction) and picking up the notary deeds.

Normally, the client should come over to sign and pick up the notary deeds personally. However deals can be completed in the client’s absence by using Powers of Attorney.

In cases when the deal involves purchase of land our lawyers have to register a company on the client’s behalf. This requires more time and paperwork and costs 450 euros.

Please contact us if you would like to reserve a property and make use of our “BUY FROM A DISTANCE!” service. You can call Ivo Iliev on 00 359 888615896 in urgent situations.